Microsoft Wants Your Input on the Orange “RSS” Button

Microsoft Team RSS Blog : The orange icon…

Go have a look at what they’re thinking about for what the RSS button in Vista/IE7 will look like, and post a comment to let them know what you think. Here’s what I posted in the comments section:

The W3C hasn’t weighed in, so go to the next logical authority – Dave Winer. Seriously.

I HATE the idea of coming up with yet another icon/button for RSS feeds. The Yahoo whitepaper says a tiny fraction of people even know what it means… I know, let’s confuse them even more by introducing an icon with some vague image! That’s WAY better than including the text (RSS/XML/FEED)!

People don’t know about RSS. The answer is to educate them, not come up with YET ANOTHER attempt at making an icon that will “click”. “This time, the masses will get it, for sure!” is not the right way to go about this…

There’s a real opportunity here with Vista and IE7, that the average RSS-clueless person will be using. Let’s help EDUCATE about RSS! That’s the ONLY way to make this better!

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