Mobile Tech Roundup Podcast – Together at Last

Just got word from Dave Ciccone of Dave’s iPAQ that there’s a new mobile tech podcast in town – the MoTR Podcast.

Seems that Dave has joined forces with James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel of the techAddiction podcast, and the three of them will be working together on this new show.

Nothing to listen to yet, but I’m subscribed, and looking forward to it. Dave, James, and Kevin are all great guys and true geeks, and I can’t wait to hear them together. Feel free to Skype me into the show anytime, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Mobile Tech Roundup Podcast – Together at Last

  1. Hey guys;
    I recently discovered and have been listening to your podcasts and really appreciate the info-rich content. I listen to IBM’s podcast as well which is designed for their investers. By comparison, you guys are far more interesting. The humor keeps the show light and moving even when your covering topics I don’t have a great deal of interest in, which is not often.

    I work for a contractor reading meters for water districts all over California. We are using the iPAQ 4100 series running Windows 2003. We load them with a program our company has written for these mobile devices to accept data from a probe used to electronically read the meters.. The units have functioned marvelously for the job. They have replaced 4 lb. units made by the meter manufacturers that were limited in so-o-o-o-o many ways but with the development of new equipment and sevices, I find I’m getting dissatisfied again.

    I may have contacted you before concerning this but I’ve been spreading my ideas everywhere I go and have lost track of who has and who has not heard my design. To quote one of you, “I want it all, power and battery life and a fist full of features.” On this score the cPC seems to have conquered the main problem but there are still features that could be included in a multi-funtional handheld. I need to be able to make notes in the field and being a touch typist I desperately want a larger unit with integrated nearly full sized keyboard. I am looking for a true all in one device to replace my iPAQ, my two cell phones, my radio/mp3 player, and my laptop.

    With the most recent work in handheld devices, I’m impressed with the power and resources but the form stinks. I remember the old Jornadas made by HP that were 9″ wide and 3 1/2 or 4″ deep by 1″ hieght. When opened inside was a nearly full sized keyboard yet closed up it still fit in a breast pocket. If this could be made with the processor configuration of the cPC and add a dual line cell phone capability and made to allow the screen to flip over to allow slate type operation, then we’d be very close to an all around all-in-one. If all I were doing was maintaining a blog I could use a laptop, and a phone like normal techno-geeks. As it is, I usually have at least one iPAQ, two phones, a probe, a radio and a laptop for working on my blog when away from home.

    America is lagging concerning phone service. I hear in England and Japan that companies are offering two line on one device services. This allows for two separate bills, one for business use and another for personal use. With integrated blue tooth for a separate earpiece and EVDO connection one could use skype or similar to manage this.

    One final thought, any mobile device should be weather proof. If these are meant to be used on the go, one has to consider being caught in bad weather. We’re currently having to use OtterBoxes to protect our iPAQs but our phones and radios or other devices are exposed.

    Thanks for giving me another forum to rant about my batman belt delimma. Bob Branham

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