New iPod can finally record at higher than 8KHz

Apple – iPod – Technical Specifications

Noticed this on a story – the new iPod recording specs:

# Voice recording settings:

* Low (22.05 KHz, mono)
* High (44.1 KHz, stereo)

The current iPods can only record at 8KHz mono (unless you install Linux on them – the hardware is capable of up to 96KHz). This is great for people who want to be able to record decent audio on an iPod for podcasts or whatever. One more reason I’m excited to get one! I wonder how well the current mic accessories, like the Griffin iTalk and iFM will work with the new higher quality recording?

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2 thoughts on “New iPod can finally record at higher than 8KHz

  1. I think Griffin and the other companies are going to have to release new products for the latest generation of iPods. The new ones don’t have that little “remote control jack” that used to be next to the headphone jack.

    I guess everything will be going through the Dock Connector from this point on.

  2. Yeah
    I got the new ipod video and a Griffin Italk hoping that I can record some seminars and post it in the blog.But Unfortunatlery that did not work and the Griffin italk is just a waste. I cant use if for any thing else too. Hope fully Apple and their partners come up with a good solution for this.If there is anyone has any ideas how to record in my new Ipod Video. Please keep me informed

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