New Virtual Earth Mobile adds map caching, GPS, Contacts integration

MSN Virtual Earth Mobile – Via Virtual Earth

Before PDC, I had played with this little Windows Mobile app to view/access MSN Virtual Earth. Nice idea, but too sluggish over GPRS. At PDC, we got a sneak peak of an update to the (unofficial- written by Jason Fuller) app that added caching (greatly improves performance), GPS, and Contacts integration. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the new version to become available ever since Dr. Neil and Steve showed it off at PDC, and now it’s here!

Works on either Smartphone or Pocket PC devices. I’m especially excited to try this out since I now have speedy EVDO data on my Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone.

Head over to the Via Virtual Earth gallery for more info, screenshots, and the .CAB file download. You can also get the source code – play around with it, and make some improvements of your own!

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