Newsgator Mobile vs. Bloglines Mobile

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows that I’m a big Bloglines fan, and use it as my main aggregator on the desktop/browser, and the mobile version on whatever wireless device I have on hand.

I’ve been wanting to try out the mobile version of Newsgator Online. I’m a fan of the Outlook version, and while I don’t miss the ability to read feeds offline (impossible with Bloglines), I thought I’d give Newsgator Mobile a shot. There’s a 14 day trial period before I have to pay the $29/year for the Consumer Gold package, which includes the Outlook version, Mobile version, Online version (free anyway), and Nick Bradbury’s great standalone aggregator FeedDemon once version 1.6 is out of beta.

Thoughts so far: I’m using a very small subset of the 700 or so feeds that I’m subscribed to (the “Short List”, specifically) for testing. The fact that they added the ability to group and read feeds by folder is crucial – this wasn’t there last time I looked at Newsgator, and was a deal killer for me. I like the fact that it only shows feeds with unread items (something I’ve been wishing for in Bloglines Mobile for a long time). Speed wise, the pages take a really long time to load, even over my speedy EVDO connection on my Samsung i730. On the other hand, the feed items are more up to date than Bloglines, which only polls once an hour or so.

So far, so good. If the slow page loading issue doesn’t persiste, I might just switch. It meets all of my requirements, and I’d kind of like to be able to sync my feed items and read state (critcal!) across the web browser, Outlook, and mobile browser. I might even start reading feeds offline – like there’s ever a time that I’m not connected… 😉


2 thoughts on “Newsgator Mobile vs. Bloglines Mobile

  1. Anonymous says:

    Page loads definitely shouldn’t be any slower than any other site…if you see that persist, please get in touch with our support guys at support at Thanks!

    -Greg Reinacker

  2. Thanks, Greg. I will.

    I’m actually in a thread right now with your support people about whether or not my account is entitled to the Outlook edition, which, frankly, is the only Newsgator service that should be charged for, in my opinion. We’ll see how that works out.

    Thanks for the feedback, and congrats on the NetNewsWire acquisition! 🙂

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