Possible iPod Remote Solution – Griffin iFM

It looks like Griffin have updated their iFM remote control/FM tuner to work with the dock connector of the new iPods. This is the only inline remote control solution I’ve found so far for my new toy.

I was considering the iFM before, because it also had a built-in mic for recording voice notes/podcasts. However, the new updated version appears to have done away with the recording capability. At least, there’s no mention of it anywhere on the site or in the specs. Bummer. I wonder if it would let me plug in an external mic for recording (which I’d prefer to an integrated mic, anyway)? There’s no sign of a redesigned iTalk that uses the dock connector on the Griffin site. In fact, there are no announced accesories that take advantage of the un-crippled recording capabilities (22 and 44KHz) of the new iPod. Hope they’re coming…

For $49.99, I may just have to pre-order this new iFM. Anything to keep from pulling my iPod out of my pocket every time I want to do something with it.

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