Sun and Google: What a Letdown!

Sun and Google Team Up

The blogosphere has been abuzz about a press conference webcast that Sun and Google are holding this morning. The event was hyped to the extreme, and people were speculating that there was going to be some big announcement, like an web app version of StarOffice 8 powered by Google – a shot straight at the heart of Microsoft Office.

The conference is over, but the only reference I can find online to whatever the big announcement was is this:

4.October.2005 – Today, Sun creates yet another important relationship to add to our growing momentum. In an all-star alliance announced today, Sun and Google have begun a strategic relationship to promote and distribute their trail-blazing technologies. As part of the agreement, Sun will include the Google Toolbar as an option in downloads of the Java Runtime Environment from, Sun’s showcase and portal for Java technology enthusiasts and developers. The new functionality will be available soon.

Emphasis mine.

That’s it?! You held a press conference and generated all that hype to announce that at some unnamed point in the future, the Google Toolbar (which is already on practically every computer out there) will be optionally available when people download the Java Runtime Environment?!

What a letdown! To say nothing of the fact that bundling is bad. Can you think of an instance where products are bundled together like this that doesn’t annoy the heck out of you? Install iTunes, you get Quicktime (and vice versa). People hate that.

Way to squander some of the good feelings people have about you, Google. Sun, I never really had so much good feeling about you anyway (I can’t stand Java apps, and I think the JRE is bloated and unstable).

Come on, guys. I really hope that I’m missing something here. Prove me wrong. Please?

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2 thoughts on “Sun and Google: What a Letdown!

  1. So google recently announced their plans to launch a nation wide free WiFi network, and they have already started it in San Francisco. Key word being free. How does this benefit them? The answer is this alliance with Sun Microsystems. I think their plan is to setup a free nation-wide network, then use Sun’s universal computer language (Java) to have every digital device in the world have access to the net anywhere in the U.S. If this is true, then what search engine will each WiFi device in the future be setup with? You guessed it – Google.
    Google sets up a free internet, but then makes it so that everyone using it will be encouraged to use their already famous search engine. Google doesn’t need to dominate in China, even though they are trying to, because in a few years everyone will be popping onto the internet with anything from a laptop to a cell phone to a watch to a toothbrush, and they will all goto Google – easily increasing the traffic at Google’s site tenfold, and therefore the size of their wallets as well.

  2. Can you think of an instance where products are bundled together like this that doesn’t annoy the heck out of you? Install iTunes, you get Quicktime (and vice versa).

    Actually, I think that the iTunes/QuickTime thing is very convenient. Just like the Flash/Fireworks/Dreamweaver or the Photoshop/Bridge bundles.

    I do agree with you that this particular bundle is moot.

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