Temporary RSS Subscriptions

It would be nice to have temporary RSS subscriptions in Bloglines, or another RSS aggregator. You know, for those feeds that you know are only going to be around for a limited period of time, like an event feed, or comments on a post like this one on alexh’s blog.

I’m subscribed to the comments feed of that post, so I can make sure to see any new comments posted after mine, but after a short period of time, that feed isn’t going to have anything new in it. Wish I could tell Bloglines to “subscribe for n days” or something, so I don’t end up with a bunch of these stale feeds that I have to clean out after a while.

Anyone know of an aggregator that can do this? Any Bloglines folks reading want to put this on the wish list?


2 thoughts on “Temporary RSS Subscriptions

  1. My method of dealing with this is simply to have a “tmp” folder in Bloglines. It doesn’t need much maintenance, as it only lights up when when something’s actually happened.

  2. MikeTemporale says:

    The latest version of FeedDemon (V1.6 RC1) has an expire date for feeds. You can set it so that so many days after the last activity it will automatically purge the feed.

    You should really check out FeedDemon – It’s really changed how I view and work with feeds.

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