The iPod Video is to Videoblogs as MP3 players are to Podcasts

There currently is a lot of debate going on about just how useful the iPod’s video capabilites are. Res too low? DRM to restrictive? Will people pay for TV shows? Etc. Lots of howtos out there already on how to convert/transcode existing video into a format that will work. All this, and we can’t even get our hands on one yet.

Want to know one thing I’m looking forward to using the video iPod for? Videoblogs. Always having the last few episodes of Rocketboom. Having some of Eric Rice’s videos around to show off. All this stuff is in Quicktime already, and should work just fine with the iPod video.

Guess that’s a big point in favor of me switching to Quicktime format (instead of Windows Media) for the occasional TinyPodcast Video Edition stuff I put out. Now I’ll have to finally break down and pay that $29.99 for Quicktime Pro. 🙂

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