Windows Mobile Team Blog : Virtual Earth Mobile

Jason Fuller, author of the great Virtual Earth Mobile app (which I’ve posted about before) that allows you to view and search MSN Virtual Earth map imagery on a Windows Mobile device like a Pocket PC or Smartphone has written up a great post on the how and why of Virtual Earth Mobile. I love VE Mobile on my Samsung i730 – the speedy EVDO data connection makes it quite snappy and easy to use.

A lot of what he talks about in the post was discussed at the PDC session on Virtual Earth, and it gave me lots of ideas for mobile friendly apps that could take advantage of Virtual Earth. If I ever get around to coding any of those apps, Jason’s source for VE Mobile will be the first place I start. Jason also explains why “Find Contact” is greyed out in VE Mobile on my Windows Mobile 2003 SE device – apparently, the database function to pull a contact’s address is new to Windows Mobile 5.

If you’ve ever been interested in how Virtual Earth interprets searchs and displays map results (it’s surprisingly simple – it’s all one big grid), or how easy it is to code up a really cool application on Windows Mobile, don’t miss this post.

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