Blackberries for Beginners

While up here in Seattle visiting my brother for the holiday, one of the things we needed to get done was get him some sort of connected “smart” phone type of device (since I’m the de-facto IT support for his transportation companies). We talked for a while about his usage needs, and I decided early on that as much as I (and other geeks) loved them, a Windows Mobile device, Pocket PC or Smartphone, was not the best choice.

There are lots of little problems – freezes once a day, phone calls don’t go through, etc. – that I’m willing to put up with in order to get the advanced features and software that Windows Mobile provides. But, I’ve recognized that others aren’t willing to put up with them. And that’s OK (for me, though Microsoft ought to get working on the problem).

So, for my brother, we went with T-Mobile BlackBerry 7105t devices. Nobody does email and connectivity as well as RIM, and the 7100 series devices are quite usable as phones (regular keypads, send and end buttons, etc). I trained him and one of his guys on how to use them tonight, and we’ll see how they do in overcoming the learning curve.

At least they can email me with questions from the Blackberries now, instead of having to call me. 🙂