BlackBerry 8700c “Electron”

BlackBerry 8700c "Electron"
Originally uploaded by JoshB.

Ran into a coworker and fellow gadget geek today that picked up the new Intel-powered (XScale CPU) BlackBerry 8700c, codenamed “Electron”.

I really like the form factor – wider than the 7100 series, but smaller than previous full size BlackBerries. It’s a Cingular device, and has EDGE, so it’s speedier than GPRS, but not up there with EVDO. The screen seems to be the same 220×176 pixel screen from the 7100 series, though in a landscape (instead of portrait) orientation.

If Verizon ever comes out with an EVDO version of this, I’ll be seriously tempted to switch from my Samsung i730. Nobody does email like RIM’s BlackBerry.