Broken SD Card

Broken SD Card
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Rob gave me this SD card that suffered a bending accident to try to salvage. I tried everything I could, but couldn’t get the card to be recognized by any of the recovery software I was using.

As you can see, the reason is that the dozens of tiny surface mount interconnects broke off when it was bent. You can’t really see it well in the photo, but the connects for the controller chip are broken, too.

Sorry, Rob. Unless someone knows of a way to access the flash chip directly, that card is a goner. Bummer, too – this card had all of his photos and videos from the Portable Media Expo on it… 🙁


14 thoughts on “Broken SD Card

  1. Dang, I was afraid that was the case! Maybe somone out there knows how to get to the card directly? Maybe PT can help us. It’s a drag, cause it’s the video of highlights of his talk that’s on there.

  2. I’d offer to give it a try, but I am almost certain the chip readers/burners at work are pretty old and can’t handle surface mount chips. Can you tell if the only damage is the chip’s pins being lifted from its pads? That is generally easy enough to fix, given a steady hand and good soldering iron.

  3. Thanks for the thought, Brian. I think the only problem is the pins lifting from the pads, but I’m nowhere near good enough with a soldering iron (not to mention have good enough eyesight and a steady enough hand) to give it a shot. 🙂

  4. katie says:

    wondering if you could help! i have snapped my sd card not fully in half but enough for when i put it back in my phone it keep’s comming up with error is there any way i can get my pictures and videos back i wpuld appreciate any help or advice you could give me as i’m feeling very stressed with this right now thanks katie

  5. Anyone ever figure this out? The plastic casing on the card is broken, but think (praying) the card itself is okay. Anyone know how to transfer the sd card into another casing?

  6. katie says:

    i took mine to a local shop where they unblock phone’s and sim and stuff and he scanned mine somehow i got all my pik’s back but he could not get my video’s which is better then nothing…

  7. Lindsey says:

    I have a micro sd card that is broken in half. Anyone know if it could be recovered for a decent price??? I called a few companies and they are wanting between $500-$800

  8. keenan says:

    Hi there, got a problem with my sd card..
    put it into my wallet to keep it with me during the flight I took, and when I’m home.. bang… it was not detected by the pc even though it was recognized as damaged memory by the camera I used, Nikon d40. Does anyone know how to grab the pictures inside back..? any information will be much appreciated as it is full of my son’s first birthday pictures. thanks

  9. dave says:

    my sd card was broken in half and it has many pics that are of great value on it… do anyone have any ideas if i can get this problem fixed

  10. Found you during a search….wondered if you ever took apart a new SD card to try and fit the small black part of an old SD card into it, repaired it and had it work?…
    The reason I ask is that my dog got ahold of my SD card and chewed it but only the blue plastic was torn away and the black part is solid and unbent, the connectors aren’t even scratched…. but I don’t know how to recover the data as it is now about 1/3 the normal size and I have nothing to put it in to put it back into the computer….thanks if you can help…otherwise I might just try it!

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