Can?t wait for CNUploader

This morning in his session on advanced recording techniques was great. He announced a free tool that IT Conversations is working on called CNUploader (for their upcoming Conversations Network). You can drop any audio on it, and it will perform levelling, compression, and RMS normalization. It’s extremely hard to do this in software – RMS normalization especially. The last step is encoding to MP2 (not MP3, Doug explained why) and uploading to IT Conversations, but you can skip the upload step. Mac, Windows, and Linux. Free (not sure about open source). Can?t wait!

Leo Laporte just mentioned that his partner Steve is working on a tool that lets you get a perfect recording of a Skype or Google Talk call by using a 30 second buffer. Drop outs and artifacts still happen on the live call, but get fixed in the buffer by re-requesting the dropped packets. Will be free, Windows only at first. Sweet – can?t wait for that either.

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