Connections vs Audience, and the Future of TinyScreenfuls

In Dave Slusher’s session now ( He’s talking about having a real personal connection with the people that listen to your podcast, and the value in that. I believe in that.

I said a few posts ago that I don?t care how many listeners I have. I do care about making connections with smart, interesting people. You guys, who read this blog and listen to my podcast.

I?ve been giving lots of thought this weekend to what I want to get out of this blog and the podcast. I’ll probably be making some changes soon, for the better.

What would you guys think about dropping ads on the site in favor of a completely voluntary “tip jar” donation system? My goal is not and never will be to make a profit from TinyScreenfuls. I promise you that I will never sell out the people with whom I have connections because of this site, because you are what I most value about all this. But it’s nice to pay for hosting, and to buy a new gadget to talk about once in a while. I can?t afford to keep spending money from the family budget on gadgets and toys. I?ve separated my “discetionary” spending from the rest.

So what do you think? Would you PayPal two dollars a month or something because you enjoy listening to me geek out? Do I give that much value to you, through information or entertainment? I’ll never restrict access to anything based on payment. But the tip jar has worked well for Doug Kaye and IT Conversations so far.

Let me know what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Connections vs Audience, and the Future of TinyScreenfuls

  1. I would pay $2 per month for your site and podcast. I enjoy the podcast very much and always look forward to the next one. I listen when I have time at work, or on the way to or from work. Heck, keep the ads, too. The ads you use are unobtrusive and not irritating or flashy, and any little bit of income is fine with me. (Though I’d probably have to setup an automated payment in PayPal each month or I’d forget.) 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way Josh, but why would I ever pay for a Podcast? It would have to be a hell of a lot better quality to make me think of paying. Part of the charm at the moment is that, rough cutting edge, thrown together feeling. A payed for service would have to be a standard length, schedulled, high quality/high content service. In a world of many free high quality Podcasts, why would anyone need to pay?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Josh, you should add a PayPal “sponsor-me” button… Also do you really need US$ 2 per user for all the ads your page already displays? (Though they are not displayed on my T-Mobile Sidekick II for example.)

    And, before “taking” more money from us please fix the hyphens! (See, customers are already complaining. 😉

    Lorenz from Vienna, Austria

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