Final PME Thoughts

I?m on the light rail on the way from the airport. I?m drained, in a good way. Some final observations from the Portable Media Expo and Podcast Academy:

* Leo Laporte, Doug Kaye, and Dave Slusher were the favorite sessions, among people I talked to.

* SO many people came away with SO much enthusiasm for podcasting.

* I ran into so many people from Portland that we might double the attendance at the monthly Portland Podcasting meetups. There were a ton on my flight back, and we spent the time before the flight chatting excitedly. See for the details, guys.

* Podcast Academy was a blast, and “an unqualified success,” according to Doug.

* I feel like I gave a lot, through talking to and teaching people, but I received more, from the relationships that were started or strengthened.

* I?ve decided a few things about what I want out of my blog and podcast. No more ads. I don?t care how many people subscribe. And I have big plans to improve the sound quality of TinyPodcast. I learned a ton from the many people with years and years of audio or radio experience.

* Humans, humans, humans! 😉

I?m exhausted, and can?t wait to get home to see my girls. Have a great rest of the weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Final PME Thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing wrong with ads, Josh… as long as they aren’t popups, people learn to live with them. Someone’s gotta pay the bills!

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