From the Podcast Academy

Sessions have gone great so far. My session was first, and went OK. I?m the only one that hasn?t used PowerPoint or Keynote so far. Heh.

The other instructors and attendees here are freaking smart. That’s why I love reading blogs and listening to podcasts – they bring me smart people’s ideas.

I had kind of a revelation during some of the business sessions today. I don?t podcast because I want to turn my shows into financial gain. I don?t really care how many listeners I have. What I really want is to have the smartest listeners in the world, and I think I do. I want to hear your ideas, find out about the cool stuff you know, and to hopefully make the things I say interesting and helpful.

The readers of are a unique, geeky lot. I try to make the stuff I write for other sites like basic and accessible to everyone. But on TSF, I let my geekiness all hang out. Because you all know that geeking out with other geeks is just plain fun. 🙂

Anyway, more blogging later. Check out my presentation materials on the wiki (link on previous post), and add any comments or notes you want. (Oh. I need to unprotect the page first). A special shout out to anyone visiting here from Podcast Academy!

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