Gotta work harder to get back on Scoble’s Blogroll

Scoble has been cleaning out his RSS feeds that he’s subscribed to, dropping anything that doesn’t provide full text, hasn’t updated in a month, or isn’t interesting anymore.

According to his updated blogroll, I seem to have fallen off the list. I provide full text, and I’ve updated within the last month, so I guess I’m just not interesting anymore. *snark*

Heh. Nothing motivates you to work harder at writing worthwhile stuff than to try to win at the blogroll popularity contest (that, and people calling me an attention whore in the comments). 😉 Guess I’d better get to work!


4 thoughts on “Gotta work harder to get back on Scoble’s Blogroll

  1. Are you sure you are still publishing full text in your feeds? In NetNewsWire, at least, this particular article gets chopped at “…Nothing motivates you to work.” Maybe it is just me, but everything I see in the feed is chopped at just under 400 characters.

  2. Yeah, Blogger does that to me sometimes. It’s set for full text in the feed, but sometimes doesn’t actually do it. I’ve fiddled with it, and I can’t figure out what the deal is. Doesn’t happen all the time, though.

  3. I’ve got to figure out what’s going on with Blogger cutting off my feed entries. It is, and always has been, set to full text. But some people report it’s getting cut off. Always appears full to me in Bloglines. I’ll see what I can figure out…

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