Home Inspector’s Palm Keyboard

Home Inspector’s Palm Keyboard
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Being the geek that I am, this is the first thing I noticed at our home inspection yesterday – the Handspring (Palm OS) and Stowaway keyboard that our home inspector was using for data entry as he moved around the house.

When he was done, he went to his truck to finish up the report, and 30 minutes or so later, we had a printed, bound copy of the inspection report with pages of color digital photos that he had taken, each with an explanation of the issue. Very slick, and completely mobile. I was impressed!


5 thoughts on “Home Inspector’s Palm Keyboard

  1. I agree. A PSP keyboard would be quite helpful. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any keyboards that work with the PSP. It would probably have to be some kind of USB hack, since there’s no Bluetooth.

  2. Just thought I’d let the blog know that “thanks to your article above (re: home-inspectors palm keyboards) I’ve tracked down an almost identical piece of hardware down here in Auckland.

    As a full-time home inspector I can see myself saving a “ton” of time with this lil baby!

    Thanks guys:):):)

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