I Declare M4V/H.264 The Video Podcast Codec Winner

OK, if even the Microsoft-centric Official Xbox Magazine Video Podcast is making their videos available in M4V format, so they’ll play on an iPod with video, I hereby declare the pair of iPod compatible M4V and H.264 codecs the winners in the format wars when it comes to video automatically downloaded via an RSS feed.

If even OXM is targeting the iPod, who is going to put something out in an incompatible format? To compete, video capable devices are going to have to support the same video formats the iPod does. And next time I make a TinyPodcast Video Edition available, guess what format it’s going to be in?


3 thoughts on “I Declare M4V/H.264 The Video Podcast Codec Winner

  1. TinyPodcast Video Edition? What is this ancient marvel you speak of??

    Just imagine, if you release both audio and video editions (like diggnation rock it), people will need video for those iPods they will get under their Christmas trees…

    …go on Josh. Make their holidays…=)

  2. Heh. I deserved that one.

    Believe it or not, I do have plans for some cool video content coming up soon. Just been very busy, what with the holidays, buying a house, etc. 🙂

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