I’m Dumber Now…

… after Angel Gambino’s “presentation” on what MTV is trying to do with portable video. Yawn. It’s dead before it’s even born.

Listening to Doug Kaye’s keynote now, and I can already feel my brain cells regenerating. Ahh…

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One thought on “I’m Dumber Now…

  1. Ha! I had a laugh reading your “critique” of my presentation. Perhaps next time I’ll show some of my party tricks while standing on my head and spout the more radical beliefs I tend to share with selected audiences. 😉 I wasn’t impressed with my performance on that day, so fair point. I took the red eye and the brief was very different on the day than the month prior when I was preparing. Oh, well. We all have off days, but I do try to give valuable insights. Sorry to disappoint. Angel

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