My iPod Remembers Song Position from iTunes

Ok, this was pretty cool. I was checking out some new mashups on my PC last night, just listening to a few seconds, to see how it was. That meant I often jumped to about the midpoint of the song, listened to a few seconds, then went on to the next song.

The first neat thing I noticed is that when I came back to a song I had been listening to before, it remembered my position, and started up again right where I left off.

I transferred a few of the mashups that I liked to my iPod Video, and one of them came up in my playlist right now. Guess where it started playing? Yup, right where I was when I was listening to it in iTunes last night. And it’s just a plain MP3 file – not a fancy AAC. Looks like Apple has finally nailed the MP3 bookmarking problem. Very cool.

To reiterate, iTunes somehow embedded some metadata in a plain old MP3 file to bookmark the playback position, and that metadata survived being transferred to my iPod. I don’t know if it’s actually embedding in the file, or in the iTunes database, but it’s a feature that people have been bemoaning the lack of for quite a while.

It’s really nice to not have to worry about remembering where I was in the middle of a long podcast when playback gets interrupted for some reason.

Oh, and head over to MashupTown to check out some cool mashups.


5 thoughts on “My iPod Remembers Song Position from iTunes

  1. Oh thank goodness, you came back to the MoTR podcast and your iPod remembered where you were, Josh. I was stopped in the middle of a sentence for HOURS! Thank you Apple….thank you. It feels good to have my voice back. 😉

  2. I hate to sound like a broken MP3 player, but the ability to bookmark plain old MP3 files has existed for years and years… Apple just choose not to implement it in their hardware.

    My Rio 500 (about 5 years old) allows me to bookmark any MP3, and it also connects to iTunes on the Mac.

    Of course the syncing of bookmark metadata is a new trick. 😉

  3. The last couple of releases of iTunes have supported this. Specifically, if you pull up an item’s properties in iTunes, you get two checkboxes: one for bookmarking and one for excluding it from music shuffle. By default, any item you get from a podcast feed (which is how I am assuming you get your mashups) has both of these checked.

  4. Mark says:

    I came across this note while googling “how to bookmark my ipod”. I realize that this is a bit old, but I still can not find a way to remember my song positions; either using my nano or itunes.
    Any place you can point me too?
    Dallas, Texas

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