New Audio Gear on the way

After seeing and hearing people talk about their cool audio equipment at PME last week, I realized two things. One; having no background in audio or radio, I REALLY have no business being a podcaster ;-), and two; I had to get some better gear. So, I caved, and spent about $130 on the following items (which are on their way, hopefully arriving next week):

MXL990 Condenser Mic with Shock Mount:

Behringer Eurorack UB-Series UB1002FX Mixer:

They won’t be here in time for the TinyPodcast that I’m going to try to record with Brian tomorrow, but besides the “cool new toy” factor, this should be the bit of equipment I need to make sure that I get good quality voice recordings of Brian an I using Skype, Google Talk, or whatever.

Anyone have any experience using these? I’m definitely going to have to poke around until I figure it out. But, look at all those buttons! 🙂


One thought on “New Audio Gear on the way

  1. look at all those buttons

    Dude… totally geeking out. I’ve got a need to update some of my gear for a portable kit, I’m gonna have to look into that Behringer.

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