On My Way to Podcast Academy and the Portable Media Expo and Podcast Conference

I have a flight in a few hours to Ontario, California. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m presenting my session on “Podcasting from Mobile Devices” at Podcast Academy, presented by Doug Kaye and IT Conversations. Doug was announced as the “Podacasting Person of the Year”, and I’m exciting and honored to have been asked to present at the Academy.

I’m also very excited for the keynotes, sessions, and elbow-rubbing that’s sure to go on at the Portable Media Expo and Podcast Conference. Lots of my podcasting friends are going to be there, though I’m bummed that I’m going to miss the Portland Podcasting monthly meetup for the third month in a row. Wired is calling it “the Woodstock of Podcasting”. Some interesting drama between Adam Curry’s PodShow and the expo organizers in that article. Seems that there’s always some drama or other surrounding Adam.

If any TinyScreenfuls readers are going to be at the conference, look me up and say Hi! My cell number is on this blog (503-810-5365), and my email goes straight to my phone ( Of course, most of the proceedings will be made available as podcasts sooner or later, so keep an eye out for those. I’ll be blogging anything cool and interesting that I come across. See you there!