Ponzi and Pirillo: Hilarious Video Blog

It’s even funnier if you know Chris and Ponzi, but even if you don’t, Ponzi and Pirillo is a videoblog you should definitely check out. Very funny, and very real – more real than reality TV. Chris told me that everything they do is true, but there’s a little dash of showmanship thrown in. Which pretty much describes Chris’s personality. 🙂

It just publicly launched today, but I’ve been watching sneak previews of these clips for a couple of weeks. If you subscribe to any video blogs, especially if you have an iPod with video, you should definitely check it out.

Speaking of videoblogs, I have to mention my very favorite one – Rocketboom. Short, interesting, funny, and topical. It’s the rock star of the videoblog world, and if you haven’t watched it, you should. Available in just about every format under the sun. Check it out.

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