Blog Web Traffic so far in 2005

I’ve never paid super-close attention to web stats like hits, etc. I check them once in a while, and they seem like they’re impossibly large. Could it really be that this many people are reading my blog? *boggle*

Hits to quadrupled from about 40,000 in January 2005 to more than 160,000 in October 2005. About half of the hits are coming from my site feed. Growth looks pretty linear – I wonder if it will continue? 🙂 I’m not sure what accounts for the spike in March. (EDIT: Oh, wait. That’s when I got Scobleized 🙂

Many thanks to all of you who read, subscribe to the feed, and listen to the podcast. The reason I write here is because I love to talk about this stuff. The fact that there are people out there who love to read and listen is very gratifying (and somewhat scary ;-).


2 thoughts on “ Web Traffic so far in 2005

  1. Awesome stuff Josh. Awesome stuff.

    I was expecting a boom, when Apple launched iTunes 4.9 with Podcasting in July. I mean, yours was the first podcast i ever subscribed too.

    I remember those days…you and Brian….together…in person….*sigh* =)

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