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Video of Blogging Academy Photoblogging Session Posted

I’ve posted the video/screen capture of the Blogging Academy session on Photoblogging I did last week. The audio is the same as the previously-released podcast on the topic, but this adds a full video capture of my screen that shows everything I was doing as I talked about how I use Flickr for easy photoblogging. I think the video adds quite a bit to this topic, for someone looking for how to do “Photoblogging 101”.

The video is in WMV format, 1024×768 pixels, because I used the free Windows Media Encoder to record it. If someone knows of a free way to capture the screen to video in MPEG4, H.264, DivX, or some other more palatable codec, I’m all ears. I also posted a transcoded MPEG4 320×240 iPod-friendly version, just so I could put it on my iPod with video and show it to people. However, it’s a lot harder to make out what’s on my screen at that lower resolution. 😉

If you’re interested, or know someone who is (come on, we’ve all got a friend or family member that asks “so what’s this blogging thing I keep hearing about?”), head on over to BloggingAcademy.com for 101-type discussions about blogging, podcasting, wikis, and all the cool new stuff that you can do these days on the web. 🙂