What are they going to call the new Intel Macs?

I just realized that they really shouldn’t call the new Macs with Intel CPUs “Powerbooks” and “Power Macs”. Doesn’t the “power” part of the name refer to the PowerPC chips inside?

Any bets as to what the new Apple laptops and desktops with Intel chips will be called? Mac Mini and iMac would still work, but I doubt they’re going to be called “IntelBooks” or “x86Books”…


2 thoughts on “What are they going to call the new Intel Macs?

  1. Im putting this on =)

    The ‘Power’ suffix reffers to the idea that they are designed for the power/professional user i think. Its the secondary suffix such as G4 which refers to the chip.

    EG: The PowerBook G4 could be the PowerBook M?

    I think. Maybe. Perhaps….

  2. Alexander Dimitriyadi says:

    The Power does refer to it being for the power/professional user. It is most likely going to be called the G6. The “G” thing is a branding name that apple has adopted to call their chips and most average users don’t know that the chip inside a mac is any different than a windows pc.

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