Windows Mobile 5 on Dell Axim X50 Loses Bluetooth Headset Compatibility

One of the things I like about the Dell Axim X50V Pocket PC as a podcaster is the fact that it supports the Bluetooth Headset/Handsfree profiles. That means that you can pair a Bluetooth headset to the X50, and pipe all system audio through the headset, including the ability to record. The quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s usable for mobile podcast recording, and it’s the only non-phone Pocket PC I know that supports this.

Until now.

A coworker and I were experimenting with pairing a Bluetooth headset to his X50V, which he upgraded to Windows Mobile 5. We could get the two paired OK, but Windows Mobile 5 includes a new Bluetooth stack (from Microsoft, I believe, instead of the Widcomm stack on WM2005 X50s). We weren’t able to get any audio to come through once they were paired. To make sure, I paired the headset with my WM2003 X50V, and the audio functionality worked just like I remembered it.

So, it seems that if you want or need the ability to pipe audio through a Bluetooth headset from a Dell Axim X50, you’ll need to forego the upgrade to Windows Mobile 5. If you have an X51, which comes with WM5, you’re probably out of luck completely.

Yay for removing features in newer versions of software! GG Dell! *sigh*


11 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 5 on Dell Axim X50 Loses Bluetooth Headset Compatibility

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just bought the Jabra 250 Bluetooth headset to use with my x51v and boy do I feel like i´ve been ripped off! It doesn´t work. A friend at work uses Skype with a bluetooth headset and an x50v so Ithought I might buy one too… I mean I just survived the ROM update and learned how to disable the Activesync starts… It was Just seconds before I threw it out the window. And now this. Shame on you Dell!

  2. The same happens to me too. I have a dell axim X50v, and i can’t connect to my mom’s Jabra 250. I might just downgrade back to 2003SE. I also can’t get TomTom (GPS) to work either… Damn, Microsoft is complete crap these days!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got an Axim x50v (running mobile 2003) but am not really satisfied with the way the email to flickr feature works.

    Do you know of any flickr uploaders for Windows Mobile?

    it seems that in the “pictures” browser if you send to email, it gets super super resized. i’m going to the philippines and want to use my axim as a way to upload my photos on the trip.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, that’s set to “do nothing”. it’s something that the stupid “pictures” program does when it sends it to the mail program.

    is there perhaps a windows mobile 2003 program that will automate a lot of resizing, like a batch feature?


  5. Perhaps send the original image as an attachment straight from Messaging, instead of using Pictures?

    The best photo program for Windows Mobile that I know of is Resco Photo Viewer, but I don’t know if it will do batch resizes. At the very least, it might not do the resizing thing you’re running into. Might be worth trying the demo.

  6. Bob Severns says:

    Do a search on They have ported the Widcomm drivers for use on the X50v with WM5 upgrade. I installed it myself and it works like a charm.

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