Bye Bye Tip Jar

I’ve removed the PayPal tip jar donation button from the site. It was an interesting experiment, but in the end, only a couple of people donated (thanks!).

Again, I not trying to turn this blog into a money making machine, but I do like to experiment with the ad technologies that are available with bloggers, to get familiar with them. And the little bit of money that does get generated goes to pay for hosting and new gadgets once in a while (I’ve limited myself to only buying “toys” with what I make from this blog).

I think I’ll see if I can strike a decent balance of Chitika and AdSense. I’ll be fiddling with them over the next couple of days, so apologies if anything goes weird. When I talked about dumping ads altogether last month, everyone who responded said basically “keep the ads – we don’t mind”. So, going on that, let’s see what happens in the next month or so.

In the end, the only thing I really care about is writing interesting enough stuff to keep smart people reading, so many thanks to those of you that do! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Tip Jar

  1. Lo Szabo says:

    You are removing the PayPal tip jar donation button before christmas??? Not a good idea, my friend. I guess a lot of people would have paid in the next two months, as December/January is dragging down everyone’s budget. Think about it!

    – Lo

  2. Hmmm. I dont quite understand low. If Dec / Jan are months where people have a low budget, the surely the tip jar would be at its worse, and no need to have it there.

  3. I may bring the tip jar back later. I had it in a pretty prominent place, and I wanted the real estate for other things.

    The 2 donations I got happened right after I introduced the tip jar, and then nothing. I’m thinking that most people read TSF via the feed, so they don’t see it, or just aren’t interested. Either way is fine with me – like I said, this is all just experimentation for me. 🙂

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