Fix Available for Dell Inspiron 700m Sound Flaw

My posts on the sound input noise flaw have been the most viewed and commented on posts I’ve made. Today, I noticed yet another new comment, this time, claiming that there’s a fix available in the form of replacing the motherboard with a newer revision board. Here’s the comment:

There is a solution for this…Yes, the flaw is in the motherboard and Yes, it can be fixed with a motherboard replacement. BUT this can ONLY be fixed by getting the NEWER revision motherboard for the 700M.

The part number that should be ordered is -> RG076

The comment author is anonymous, but the IP address belongs to *, so it appears to be someone from Dell.

If you’ve managed to get this problem taken care of by this motherboard revision, please let us know!


3 thoughts on “Fix Available for Dell Inspiron 700m Sound Flaw

  1. Marguerite says:

    I just bought a new Dell computer and kept my old HP moniter with speakers attached to moniter and they worked perfect with the old HP computer but I canot get any sound at all from the new Dell. I’ve searched everything I could find, new or updated drivers ,etc. I might not get a response because my new computer is a windows xp home edition. The place I bought it from said my old speakers are probably not compatible but I need someone elses input or something I can do without having to spend more money.

  2. lou says:

    I instulled vista for home and i have no longer sound ,i have dell dimension 5000
    please help me tried every thing
    thank you

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