Google Talk Sounds

I was having an IM conversation with Jason Harris, about extracting the sounds that Google Talk uses for rings, etc., for other uses (ringtones, etc.). We did some poking around, and discovered that the sound files aren’t just sitting around in the Google Talk directory structure.

However, they are embedded in googletalk.exe as WAV resources. A quick trip to Visual Studio later, we had extracted and saved them. Small, clean .WAV files, suitable for whatever use you want them for.

I’ve posted a ZIP file of the 5 Google Talk sounds – the whole thing is only 150KB. I’ll take that down if anyone at Google asks me to, but since two of the sounds are standard telephone “ring” and “busy” sounds, and two are just beeps, I can’t imagine that Google would get too worked up about it. The only unique sound is the ring (gtalk5.wav), which is now my new ringtone on my Pocket PC Phone.

Anyway, if you want the sound files, go get them, or extract them yourself. Let me know if you come up with any cool uses for them! 🙂


55 thoughts on “Google Talk Sounds

  1. Kevin says:

    Can you please EDIT the message alert? I mean, modify the executable file.

    Or can you please teach me how. So I can put my message alert.

  2. Gervais B says:

    For those like me who receive a 404 page, you can retrieve the zip from the “wayback machine” : 

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