I lost my Bluetooth Headset

I dropped my Plantronics Bluetooth headset the other night, moving some boxes into the apartment. I keep it hung on the collar of my shirt, and it often falls off.

I thought it was lost forever, and was resigned to having to spend $60 or so to get a new one. But last night, I was checking my mail on my phone, and I got the “Bluetooth Headset Connection Active” popup – my headset is inside, somewhere close enough to my couch to pair with my phone.

At least I know it’s inside, but I still have no idea where it is. I guess that’s one nice thing about Bluetooth that makes it a little harder to lose things. 🙂


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  2. Dick says:

    I misplaced my bluetooth headset in the house also, and finally solved the problem. Hopefully you can try this as long as you are able to connect with the headset from the cell phone:

    Here are the steps:
    1. Connect to the headset from the cell phone.
    2. Call a friend on the landline.
    3. Have your friend use his cell phone to call your cell phone, while remaining on the land line
    4. Your friend will hear your voice on the cell phone.
    5. Walk around the house and have your friend tell you when you are loudest. That is where the headset will be found!


    • Jnp says:

       We found it! Then my husband proceeded to lose it again right after because he was so excited that he found it.  Thank you so much for posting this.

    • Moventune says:

      you da man.  what a great idea.  i really gotta train myself to simply put it down in the same place in the house-office ..

    • Dbear says:

      You are a genius. I was pulling my hair out trying to find my headset. I knew it was in or around my house because it was connected. Thank you!!!

  3. sania says:

    I have lost my bluetooth headset and couldn’t find it since 2 months.
    I have a party store and I lost it there somewhere. Whenever I had been in the store, I could be able to connect to the bluetooth headset untill 1 week but now I am not. I know it is in the store but there are so many stuff in the store so hard to check everything. I looked all the area, I remember to see it last time.But now its not able to connect.
    Does anybody know how to find it with the “Find Me” button in motorola razr phone. Does it “beep”?
    Please help me if someone knows the way to find it.

  4. Jerry says:

    I lost my bluetooth headset somewhere in the house. I know I used it last night and tonight I was able to connect to it in most but not all rooms. The voice method suggested above did not work but I then got a whistle. BINGO! We tracked it down to my dressing room, where I found it in the pocket of a robe I wore last night. I’m glad the battery held up long enough to keep the bluetooth connected. That was the key. Thanks to Dick who posted his method in Oct 2006.

  5. I am currently hunting my own. I have narrowed it down to the downstairs but the stinking DSP on my P-tronics Voyager 855 is so good its like not picking up any ambient noise… I making as much noise as possible and cant figure it out… The 855 also allows for stereo music to play thru but I cant get the blooming thing to switch to streaming music mode without hittin the button on the headset… i will keep trying things…

  6. Patricia Williams says:

    I lost my turned off bluetooth which is compatible for a 8550 verizon mobile phone, is there a button to press on the phone that will detect it in the house somewhere even though the bluetooth is turned off. Also, how to I get the phone to reconnect to the bluetooth?


  7. Josh Whitfield says:

    I lost my bluetooth while cleaning my room(how ironic).I used the bluetooth for my ps3 to talk online.I tore up my house trying to find it, but I just cant.Please if someonee has any advice or a bluetooth tracker I could download,please email me at,it really sucks being the onyone not able to talk online =\

  8. Muneeb says:

    heeey 🙁
    i lost my bluetooth yesterday,
    i was cleaning up my house..the day i used my bluetooth.
    and its very important that i find it
    any ideas..and yes i read the above they dont help 🙁

  9. Sarah says:

    I lost mine too. If you don’t want to call a friend you can do this yourself with you landline telephone or another cell phone. I justed walked around the house talking till i found it.

  10. Ronaldo says:

    what dick said (about the landline idea) is very useful fo my situatioin, as i has a motoralla universal bluetooth, and a sony erecson phone. As I could still connect this worked for me, good thinking :), and thank you

  11. David says:

    Another tip is when you walk around with say another cell phone or cordless, make sure to mute the talking phone and plug your ear that isn’t against the receiver.

  12. Henry says:

    Thanks for the tips as well I lost my Bluetooth outside with tons of fallen leaves etc… And also in the dark. It took some time but I eventually found it with the cordless method. Cheers.

  13. Sam says:

    I lost earpiece and I knew it was in the house I did what Dick suggested and had my wife call me on my cell phone. I started by having her listen to see if she could hear me talk. She yelled at me from the back room and I heard her in the kitchen she yelled two more times and my eyes went right to it. I was hunting for it for about 4 hours until I decided to look on the internet for suggestions and found this blog.



  14. Geoge says:

    I just wanna say thanks. I had been looking for mine for like an hour and I knew it had to be in or around my apartment because it was paired. After readings some of the suggestions in this blog I borrowed a cellphone from a friend and called my cellphone and set it up to the blue tooth and stared to talk loud holding my friend’s cellphone to my ear trying to hear my own voice, after a minute or so I was able to hear myself as I got closer to my bed on my bedroom, and surprise!! It was underneath my bed. I was lucky my dogs didn’t find it, they would up chew it up into pieces. I was very lucky. Hope this helps. THANKS!!

  15. Jeff says:

    First off want to say thanks for sharing this idea. I ended up calling my cell from the land line. Once connected to cell(blue tooth active) I muted my land line. Grabbed the Itouch and started a song. Walked around till I could hear the blue tooth through my land line picking up music.

    I happen to have misplaced both of blue tooths I own, this was a time saver! Found both with in five minutes.

    FWIW Once I found the current connected one, I turned it off and connected to the other lost one via cell phone.

  16. Doktormq says:

    The walk and tald procedure worked fine. We found it in a plant which I had moved the day before. Thank you!

  17. Dave says:

    I found my bluetooth in my house turned on by calling a friend with my paired cell phone and started calling out a different number for each room I walked into ie. living room I’d repeat #1 several times, the kitchen #2 several times, etc.. I then called him back on a landline and he told me what number he heard the clearest. Then in that room, I would break each section of the room into numbers to pin down the area. Worked like a charm!!

  18. Lynn says:

    Lost my bluetooth 2 days ago in the woods and I was everywhere as we were originally looking for something else when I realized that my bluetooth fell off my shirt pocket. We searched everywhere under the bushes through various paths we had made tramping down weeds etc… Even had someone call it and had them yell hoping we’d hear it come out of the bluetooth. Gave up after two days we knew from the bluetooth autopopup the general vicinity 35 feet each way but no luck. Decided to search the net for a way in hopes to find it before the battery on it would go dead.

    We read Dicks suggestion above and found it above using my spouses cell phone until we could faintly hear my voice and honing in until it got louder, we knew we had it when we were digging through the leaves and could actually hear the rustling on the phone.

    Great suggestion.

  19. Sonja says:

    Thanks for all of your tips! I called my home phone from my cell phone and put my home phone on mute then started talking with the muted (thx david!) home phone on my ear. My voice was loudest in the 2nd floor hallway. It took a while, but I started moving around the clothes in my basket, and heard the rustling–it was in the pocket of a jacket!!! Go figure! Thanks again!

  20. Lyle says:

    Dick, great advice! Years later it still works. Are there any apps out there that work? Google android has an app called “Blue Tooth Locator” which has not so good reviews and there is a blueunity fdl which doesn’t have any reviews? Haas anyone tried these?

  21. Kanishk says:

    hey i lost mt blutooth i mean i had kept in  plce it was switched off nd it gt lost so sugest me guys wht do i do

    • Donhford says:

      Brilliant! Called it and found it inside shirt pocket hanging in the closet! Wife thought I was nuts walking around house with our hard line cordless phone calling out “Hello little blue tooth. Where are you”?

  22. Sami says:

    worked like a charm, I knew my Bluetooth was in the house because it paired itself to my phoned every time I stepped in the house, so I had my wife call my IPhone and i answered the call my switching the call to Bluetooth, i kept saying “hello” until she heard me, and I moved slowly until she heard me clearly, and that’s where i found it, in the pocket of a shirt that i took off, and threw near the bed!

    • Dominique says:

      Hello from Corsica island, all of you,
                                                                want to say many thanks to Dick for his very effective idea. I was searching at home for my plantronics voyager since yesterday. I saw it was connected but I can’t found it. I have a galaxy 2 and I must say all the headset locator I tried on market didn’t work. Dicks solution is the best one. I found my earphone behind a cupboard.
      I did my search with another cellular, but i was difficult to locate cause the sound reverberated. Then I took my home fixed line phone to call my own occupied line in the way of getting a regular modulation with a constant level on the hand-free loudspeaker. Moving the phone as a sound source, the difference of level where then easier to identify on the cellular I loaned.
      Sorry for my approximative english. Thanks again to Dick.
      Best regards to America.


      • Hellovt2001 says:

        I just found mine!. Searched for about 2 hours this morning and then tonight out of frustation. Taking trash out to see if the phone would connect before I through it away etc. I have 3 younger ones.  The phone kept connecting but couldn’t find  it. I tried to google “I lost my bluetooth plantronics and it does connect”, and found this site, and someone said on here to call the phone while it is connected. Got to answer the cell phone to connect the call. The take that phone along with preferably a land line portable phone  and have that person yell around. Better to have a landline as my other cell connected to the lost bluetooth as well.  Anyhow, could sense it near my desk area as that was stronger than any other area in the room. I have a big desk with cabinets and a bunch of notebook binders etc.  My wife got tire of yelling so I took over and yelling and yelling without opening the cabinet doors as how could it be in there.  Well I opened it and my wife said thats it and could hear rumbly of plastic bags. I have some headsets for the tv in ziplock bags and it was in one of those bags. Praise the Lord! $70 item.  Thanks everyone for posting.

  23. Joeioe says:

    Mine might as well just be lost forever! Mine will not be able to use your method because my phone will not connect if the headset is not on! I tried it once but nothing worked! If I am not able to find this headset, I will have to buy a new one. Who knows how much the next one will be!

  24. Roger says:

    Brilliant! Found it in my pants in the closet as the noise got louder when I called from my roommate’s cell phone.

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