Toying with switching to WordPress

This blog, and all of my other blogs, are powered by However, I’ve always been impressed by WordPress and its flexibility. I’m toying with the idea of switching TinyScreenfuls over to WordPress, since my web host, 1and1, recently bumped up the number of MySQL databases I can have.

In fact, I’ve got a prototype of TinyScreenfuls in WordPress up and running. I’m still doing some tweaking and playing around, to make sure all of the features I need are there and configured correctly, so that site is very much under development, but if you want to have a peek, go ahead. Let me know what you think.

If I do make the change, everything should be pretty seamless, except for one thing – my feed. I’m using the Blogger-generated Atom.xml feed, which would go away. Ideally, I would have used Feedburner from the beginning (I did on all subsequent blogs I created), so I could make that change transparent. I’m still fiddling around with ways to make people not have to resubscribe, because I know that’s a pain, and I don’t want to lose any readers.

Anyway, just an update. Feedback is welcome.


One thought on “Toying with switching to WordPress

  1. Ok, this is just TOO scary. I too, use 1&1 as my host provider, both for the Commute-Cast and for kct’s digital world. Both are actually published using Blogger and I just mentioned within the past week that I was considering a move to About an hour before I saw your post, I decided NOT to move to Instead, I’m going to pay a few bucks to have my site hosted and run the WordPress platform directly. Why? Well, the ideas I have for the next iteration of my blog will require some more customization than will allow. will meet the needs of many folks and is built off of a great platform, but I need the full-flavored version of WP. For your needs, Josh, I think you made the right choice. I’ve used WP for over a year and it’s great!

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