Amazon Finally Shipped my Naked Conversations

I’ve had Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s book on business blogging, Naked Conversations, on pre-order from Amazon since it was announced. I was part of the first 100 (1000?) orders that were supposed to get a signed copy. The order was for full price of the book – about $30 with shipping.

However, something got screwed up at Amazon, because the shipping date for the book kept jumping around, from March to a date a few weeks in the past. However, the site was showing new orders shipping immediately, and at 40% off the price I had ordered at. Ouch.

All of that became too much for me, and I cancelled my pre-order, and just ordered on of the discounted copies. Just got word that it has shipped – can’t wait to give it a read.

As far as missing out on having a signed copy, I’ll just get Robert to autograph it the next time I see him. I’m sure he’s gotten good at that by now. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Amazon Finally Shipped my Naked Conversations

  1. Josh,
    I’m really sorry for this whole mess.If you are in Santa Clara or Silicon Valley, I’d be happy to drive down to your offices and sign the copy you have, and if you have time–I’d be happy to buy you lunch to make up for your trouble.

  2. Thanks, Shel. Talk about above and beyond customer service! 🙂

    Totally unneccesary, though. I’m in Oregon, a little far away from the Valley, but if I’m ever in town, I’ll give you a call. I’ll have Robert sign it the next time I run into him (and you, as well, if it works out).

    Thanks again, and best wishes for even more success with the book!

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