Bloglines Mobile Feature Request – Reformat Linked Pages for Mobile Viewing

I was thinking this morning about a killer feature that I’d love to see in Bloglines Mobile – the ability to reformat/re-render linked pages on the fly. Google Mobile does this with their Mobile search – when you go to a linked page, a proxy reformats the page for easier viewing on your mobile device. Services like Skweezer also offer this kind of functionality, and you can even use Google’s method on any URL you like with their Mobile Page Translator.

I use Bloglines Mobile a LOT on my Pocket PC Phone. Even though I’m subscribed to 700 or so feeds (broken up by category), EVDO is fast enough that reading feeds on my phone is just about as fast as reading them on my laptop. However, when I come across a link I want to follow, outside of the feed I’m reading, I often hesitate when I’m using the Mobile version, and ask myself if it’s worth waiting for the whole page to load and get reformatted in Pocket IE.

I would LOVE to know that clicking a link from a feed in Bloglines Mobile would take me to a mobile-friendly version of that page. Heck, just use the existing Google proxy/translator, or Skweezer, or something similar! Other services do – no need to reinvent the wheel here. If there were support for something like Greasemonkey in Pocket IE, I’m sure we could figure out a way to do it ourselves. Make it an option we can turn on or off.

Mark et al at Bloglines, are you listening? Does anyone else think this would be a fantastic idea? 🙂


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  2. I tried Skweezer and Google’s page translator, but they had issues. They wouldn’t handle cookies correctly, so I was either having to re-login all the time, or it would revert to the “full” version of the page with frames, etc. There were performance issues with both, too – feeds took longer to load in Bloglines Mobile, though this is understandable because of the page translation that has to happen.

    I still wish for this functionality baked right in to Bloglines Mobile…

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