First Audio Recording Device for the new iPods

Gizmodo brings word of the first device I’ve seen that enables the new 5G iPods with video to record audio:

XtremeMac MicroMemo – Gizmodo

Not sure how I feel about it, and the price tag is a little steep, but at least these are starting to appear.

Why do I care? Because the new 5G iPods removed the artifical restriction to an 8KHz sampling rate that Apple imposed on the older iPods. You could get around it with iPodLinux, but now, you don’t have to, because the new iPods can record at 22KHz and 44KHz out of the box. Podcasters and anyone else interested in recording high quality audio (*cough*concertbootlegs*cough*) take note. 🙂

At the Portable Media Expo in October, Griffin promised to have their recording solution for the 5G iPods out by January. We’ve got half the month left to see what they come up with.