Gnomedex 6 Selling Out Fast

Gnomedex 6.0 will be held June 29th through July 1 in Seattle (same Bell Harbor Conference Center as last year). Of the 300 seats, 100 are already sold out, and Chris only opened up registration to the public a few days ago (after letting past attendees take a crack at registering, which of course, I did :-)). Everyone expects it to sell out within a couple of weeks, max. If you’re interested in coming this year, get cracking!

Why would you be interested? It’s the most unique conference I’ve ever been too, and the most fun I’ve ever had as a geek. Period. Single-track, all in one room, some of the smartest people on the internet. The networking opportunities are unreal – I met so many cool, influential people last year that I couldn’t even start to quantify the cool opportunites and relationships that developed as a result. And it’s a bargain – a 2.5 day conference, with lunch, lots of snacks, and great facilities, for only $499.

There were some problems with the WiFi and internet connectivity last year – it seems that 400+ geeks with laptops, blogging and uploading photos to Flickr in realtime overwhelmed the 2 T1 connections the conference center had. I’m working with some folks inside Intel to see if we can use WiMAX to supplement that backhaul, and provide better bandwidth this year. Nothing for certain yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

If you’re going to be at G6, drop me line – I’d love to meet you there! 🙂


One thought on “Gnomedex 6 Selling Out Fast

  1. Interesting idea with the WiMax — will you be bridging it to some regular sort of Wi-Fi for those of us who only have old-style 802.11b or g cards?

    Anyway, I’ll see you there…

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