Got an X41 Tablet, Again, For “Keeps” This Time

A while ago, I had to give the Lenovo Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC that I received back, because a customer who was headed overseas needed it. So, he got mine, and I was to get the one that had been ordered for him. No big deal.

I got a call from the guy who was in charge of all this on Friday afternoon, asking me what I was doing this weekend. I said nothing, and he corrected me, saying that I’d be playing with my new tablet all weekend.

Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t have everything completely set up on it for work stuff yet, but all I really use for blogging and non-work related stuff is Firefox (I always at least have tabs open for Bloglines, Flickr, Gmail, and TinyScreenfuls) and a few extensions (Bloglines Toolkit, LiveLines, Performancing, and ForecastFox). I’m trying an extension called GeckoTIP, which is getting raves from the Tablet PC community for finally allowing good pen usage for text input in Firefox. It basically does “scope guessing” – if you’re in the address field, it knows you’re trying to write a URL, and interprets pen input accordingly. Does the same for email and other fields. So far, so good.

Anyway, you’ll be hearing me talk a lot more about my new tablet as I get my work data migrated, and start using this as my main machine. Let me know if you have any cool tablet tips or suggestions! ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Got an X41 Tablet, Again, For “Keeps” This Time

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  2. Hey Josh,

    I suggest getting familiar with OneNote it will become your friend and even more so when OnNote 12 ships. Cool for taking notes on Con-Calls, you can jump back to an audio recording to where you inked…very cool. Also great for using a video camera and doing walk-throughs while taking notes, recording presentations, meetings, all with consent of the participants of course…

    Get a copy of Maxthon, it uses the IE engine and works the best for Tablet PCs as a great tabbed browser with Mouse-flicks increases browsing and productivity. I was a big Maxthon fan formerly back when it was called MyIE2 and find it even more useful today on the Tablet.

    MindManager Mindmap a great utility for planning a project, getting thoughts down in a flowsheet. Very good for the Tablet.

    Adobe Audition works well with the tablet if you are into audio editing and for podcasting.

    Install the free Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC. It has a ton of great utilities like the Ink Art(great for adults and kids)and the Snipping tool for grabbing images with your stylus, media transfer,etc. Just pick and choose what you want to install.

    Zinio if you are into reading ebooks, reading magazines on a Tablet is just as great and you can cut/paste and markup articles from it.

    You may even find some great useful apps in the Microsoft Education Pack, the HHexic Deluxe Game for Tablet PC just like the one for the Xbox360!, Ink Flash cards, and my favorite Print to OneNote.

    PDF Annotator great for marking up and taking notes on PDF documents, manuals, etc.

    TEO Tablet Enhancements for Outlook a must have if you want to use ink in Outlook.

    Latest version of MSN Messenger from 7+ support Ink, very cool to IM with your own handwriting and pictures…

    Yahoo Konfabulator, I know MS has their new sidebar coming with Vista, but I like Widgets on the desktop. Great for displaying Battery life, WiFi info, System resources, volume control, and anything else that tickles your fancy from the vast amount of Widgets for Mac and PC.

    Also be sure to checkout TabletPC Post for a ton of software links and free software for yourself and family. My kids love Math Practice, ABC Ink, and VTSpell. The Tablet has become a great supplement to kids education, it hasHelp our two oldest do simple algebra x+5=7 solve x type of stuff when they both turned 5.

    Hope this helps and welcome to the world of inking! ๐Ÿ™‚

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