How Verizon Runs Fiber to Your House

Well, I finally got a confirmation email from Verizon for my Fios order, which is a good sign, I guess. Still waiting to hear for sure if they’re going to be able to get an installer out on Monday.

Here is some of the information they included in the email about how the installation will happen. A couple of people have contacted me wondering about this, and I haven’t seen detailed info like this on their site, so I thought I’d share:

Depending on your location, we may need to bury the new fiber cabling from our area terminal to your home. A small trench line will be dug and all displaced landscape will be restored with minimal effect to your property. This will typically take place prior to your installation date, and you are not required to be present for this portion of the installation. If your home is served aerially, this part of the installation is not required.

Our technician will install and/or activate the Verizon Fios network equipment, including an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), power supply and battery back-up system. The power supply and battery back-up system will connect the ONT to your home’s electricity through a nearby standard electrical outlet. Please ensure there is an outlet near the location where you would like the power supply connected, either inside your home or garage. The Fios technician will also install a data wire and a wall jack for your Internet service, if necessary. The technician will then install and configure your router and assist with the Verizon Fios software download. Please plan for the entire process to take approximately four (4) hours.

Special data wiring, CAT5 or higher grade, is required to connect your Fios router to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). If your home isn’t pre-wired with Cat5 or higher grade wiring, our technician will evaluate your home’s layout with you to determine the safest and most effective way to install this wiring on the day of your installation. Depending on your home’s design and layout, this wiring may be run externally.

Our phone box is on the side of the garage, near the front door. If they need to run CAT5 from there to my office, it’s probably going to be up and through the window (the office is right above the porch/area where the box is). There’s a big green phone company box in the middle of my front yard, so hopefully they don’t have to do too much trench digging. The guy I was talking to at Verizon yesterday said they did a crappy job replacing the grass in his yard after they installed his.


3 thoughts on “How Verizon Runs Fiber to Your House

  1. Dave says:

    I am a Fios installer for Verizon. I see that your post is from Feb ’06 and I was curious as to how it went ( did they show up on the scheduled date, were they professional and informative, etc.) I have read a lot of negative and positive reports – I hope it went well.

  2. No, it’s not very expensive. You’d have to check with Verizon in your area for prices for you, but I pay about $40 a month. Cheaper than cable and cheaper than DSL, because we dumped our Verizon phone service (which is required for DSL, but not for Fios) and use Vonage for $24 a month.

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