I dropped my Bluetooth headset in the toilet

I wear my little Plantronics Bluetooth headset hooked on the collar of my shirt. Yesterday, while I was changing the TP roll in Emma’s bathroom, I bumped it or something, and it fell straight into the toilet.


I let out a yelp, and then plunged my hand into the water to fish it out (the water was clean). I rinsed the headset (and my hand) off in the sink, and was surprised to see the little blue LED flashing normally. It was still working.

I left it on my nighttstand to dry off. It still works. I guess I’ll keep using it.

The real question is, would I have fished it out of the toilet if the water hadn’t been clean? Would you? ๐Ÿ™‚


18 thoughts on “I dropped my Bluetooth headset in the toilet

  1. If I dropped $100 (what I paid for my unused jabra) in the toilet, I would probably reach in and pull it out. Would I stick it in my ear right away? I’m not so sure about that.

    You probably should clean your headset. I know the water is ‘clean’, but it’s something that would bother me just *knowing* I dropped the thing in the toilet.

    Pull the batteries out. Get some Isopropyl alcohol, dump it in a jar, and soak the thing in it for a while. Swish it around. Then, put it in the sun for a day or two to let it completely dry out.

    It’ll be clean. You wont feel icky. Life will be good again.

    Or… sell it on ebay.

  2. You are much more brave than I’ll ever be. I don’t even think I would have fished it out if *clean* toilet water….if there really is such a thing. Oh well, if the texture of your skin ever changes to mucus and you start turning green, I guess you’ll know what to do the next time it happens ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My wife brought up a very important issue when I told her about the post.

    Your ears are extremely sensitive, there are always fluids in there, and they are warm. Stethescopes must be cleaned with alcohol before passing them to another person. Ear infections are -nasty- and you dont want one. It could damage your hearing forever.

    You should definitely hit it with alcohol. Or toss it. Your ears are probably worth more than your headset.

  4. if i dropped my headset($5,000) in the toilet
    i would fish that thing out with my tounge!!
    i love my headset more than any of my 50 ipods or 100 psps!!!


    p.s. if i lost my headset then i would buy a new one with my $l00,000,000,000,000!
    but hey i own my own company!!!

  5. Don’t worry man, it’ll be ok. My wife dropped my Kjam in the toilet last month. 2 Days later, it was working fine again and have had no trouble since.

    PS. She said it bubbled, so it was in long enough to get into the goods!

  6. Eddie Tam says:

    Can’t believe you said the water was “clean”. It may look like nothing is floating in there.. but you do know that feces remnants remain in the toilet bowl walls as well as the water. Not everything gets flushed.. remember the spinach Ecoli alert — whatever you do, don’t put the headset in your mouth. LOL.

  7. Gregory Mack says:

    I was driving alone and I took off my blue tooth and laid it on the dash board. Minutes later I noticed it was missing, only to find that it was submerged in a cup of ice water. Here’s one for the trash heap.

  8. Robards says:

    I just droped my platronics in the toilet whilst washing the F@#king thing…
    still aiting to dare to turn it on.

  9. Brandon says:

    I just fished my Jawbone Prime out of the toilet. And no, it was not “clean”. It was, however, yellow… I was also on the phone when this happened.

    I had just washed my hands in the bathroom and walked by the toilet when the thing fell out of my ear, right over the toilet. I immediately swatted at the headset as I saw it falling directly for the neon yellow water. I missed and immediately proceeded to plunge my hand into the foul depths retrieving the tainted headset.

    After I picked the thing up, my dad was still on the other end of the thing. “Did you hear that?”
    “Hear what?”
    “All that static?”
    “Nope, missed that, I dropped the headset in the toilet.”

    I tried to dry the headset off and whip as much water out as I could. I even ran it under a hairdryer. We’ll see if it wants to work in a few days…

  10. Jared says:

    I actually just dropped my official ps3 headset in the toilet today sadly i havent got it working.
    but the water wasnt completly clean (yeah i no eww). but i stilled plunged my hand all the way in a grabbed it wipped it off with a shamwow(lol) and my hand to offcourse with soap and it still hasnt worked i left it to dry .
    but when i put it onto the charger it still glows and everything, just wont work idk what to do

  11. Ramon says:

    Jared i have the same problem maby somthing burned in there beacuse i tryd directly if it still worked and it worked for 2 min then it stopped im gonna try to let it dry for a few days and hope it will work

  12. Barry says:

    Just dropped my Motorola blue-tooth in the sink (submerged) as I washed my face. Shook the water out immediately, blasted it with WD40 (displaces water on electronics), then buried it in the middle of two cups of minute rice to draw water out, and placed it in my dehumidified gun safe. Will keep it there for a few days and see how it comes out. The lights were still on after spraying with the WD40, so I’m hopeful.


  13. James says:

    Nasty, next time use your bacon tongs or buy one of those old people grabber wands. Seriously though you can set your oven on a low temperature and let your headset dehydrate and make some beef jerky at the same time. Me, my 8 lb weiner dog and cell phone took a swim in the creek. Thought it was fried but that did and usually does the trick. Next time drop the TP in the flush hole especially if it is your last roll. lol

  14. C Wylie11 says:

    Yes, and I just did that about15 min ago. Rinsed rapidly, shook off the excess water and blew it dry a bit w/ the hairdryer. Was working for a min., then stopped. I’ll let it dry overnight and hope for the best! Righ now … Nothing ๐Ÿ™

  15. C Wylie11 says:

    WooHoo!!!!!! Three hours after.being saved out of (not.clean) toilet water, my Motorola H17 is working again just fine!!!!! When I gethome I’ll usa a little peroxide with a q-tip on the surfaces ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Ray says:

    I just dropped mine in the trash with a half empty bottle of water.ย  Naturally it got wet and stopped working.ย  I’m letting it sit overnight in a jar of rice to see if that wil dry it out. I’ll try putting it in the charger tomorrow and see what happens.ย  Jury is still out.ย  I just got the damned thing too!ย  Used it once.

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