IE7 Beta 2 is available as a Public Preview

Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview

Microsoft has made Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 7 available to the public – just go to the page linked above, and follow the links to download. No hoops, no beta invitations. Even worked just fine in Firefox. 🙂

I’ve used Beta 1 pretty extensively, and it’s pretty slick. Tabbed browsing makes it feel closer to the Firefox experience I know and love. Looking forward to seeing what’s new in beta 2.

Dave Winer notes that Microsoft is finally shipping an RSS platform – you can subscribe to feeds in IE7 B2, and it even handles enclosures. Will be interesting to see how well this works.

If you’re interested, go get it, then let the world know what you think!


8 thoughts on “IE7 Beta 2 is available as a Public Preview

  1. Okay, one pet peeve with IE7. When someone clicks on my feedburner site feed link, they used to go to and it looked really snazzy because they had all of this stuff explaining how to subscribe and links to podcatchers or RSS agregators.
    Now, IE7 forces a microsoft page explaining a little what a site feed is.
    Does anyone know how any html code to make other people’s IE7 to go to

  2. Hmm. It sounds like conflicting stylesheets (XLST?) are being applied to the feed. Without a style, a feed looks like raw XML (angle brackets all over the place). Feedburner works by applying a style to the feed, to make it all pretified. IE7 does the same thing, and in this case, it sounds like there’s a conflict between the style that Feedburner wants to apply and the one that IE7 wants to apply, and IE7 is winning.

    It could be argued (and Dave Winer has done so in the past) that NO style should be applied to a feed – it’s not meant to be read by humans, it’s meant to be read by an aggregator/another computer. People put styles on feeds because the raw XML is scary and confusing to most people, and they don’t know what to do with it, but in exchange for that little bit of handholding, we run into problems like the one you have, Dave.

    Dunno what the answer to your question is, but I’m sure the community will figure it out sooner or later. 🙂

  3. Serg says:

    I’m actually outradged!
    I just spent 15 minutes arguing with Wells Fargo rep explaining what IE7 backward compatible.
    I do understand they need to do testing but AS OF TODAY I CAN”T PAY MY BILLS ONLINE!

    WellsFargo,Just put big warning – If you use IE7 you’re at your own risk!

  4. Wells Fargo User says:

    Dear Serg …

    Up till today IE7 was in beta status. Any company worth its weight will not support Beta software. When you decided to be a microsoft beta tester (since you downloaded a beta) you took a risk. WF is right in not supporting IE7 untill release date. So dont be calling people idiots when they do it to protect you. Its like downloading Vista beta and complaining that microsoft is at fault when your hard drive crashes. Grow Up and stop being a guinee pig for MS.

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