I’m Really Starting to Hate Verizon

So I took the first half of the day off today, to be home for the Verizon Fios fiber installation. It was scheduled to happen between 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM. 12:30 came and went, and no Verizon truck. What follows is me venting my tale of woe and ire, and if you want to skip over the rest of this post, feel free.

I called to see what was up with the no show. The only number I could find for Verizon customer service was their main 800-483-4000 number (mind you, I’m looking this up via EVDO on my phone, because I’ve got no broadband at home). After 20 minutes and two attempts to get through their voice recognition system (I hate those), the computer cheerfully told me “just a sec – let me connect you to the automated system that can handle that.” and then routed my call to Collections. Just like it’s done every other time I’ve tried to call them about this.

After getting transfered to the Fios people from Collections, I explained the situation, and that I was upset that I had wasted half a day waiting. The girl (Anna) looked into my order, and what followed was sheer confustion. At first, she said my order was originally scheduled for Jan. 6 (tomorrow), not today, and that there was a note in the order that “customer had been contacted to reschedule the install to Monday 1/9.” That most definitely did NOT happen – I haven’t spoken a word to them since placing the order, and the last they told me the install would happen today, 1/5.

After being put on hold a couple of times, Anna discovered that my order was, indeed, messed up. She said she needed to transfer me to their “Encore” department to re-enter the order, and then she could expedite the dispatcher to get someone out tomorrow or maybe Monday – she promised to call me back and let me know when. She “transferred” me to Encore, and after listening to the silence of the void for 15 minutes, I gave up. At this point, I was livid, and needed to get to work.

To my mild surprise, Anna did in fact call me back, and even better, had “Encore” on the line with us to re-enter the order. That’s when it got really weird. The Encore guy repeatedly said that their system said that my new phone number (since we moved) simply did not exist in their system. Even though it’s worked fine since the last time I had to jump through hoops for them. At one point he said “well, you must be getting your service for free, because you’re not in our system.” That caused my confidence in them to surge…

At any rate, after 30 minutes or so, we got the new order entered, and Anna called me back later to say that she wasn’t able to schedule someone to come out tomorrow (Friday), but she’d try for Monday. At this point, I’m waiting to hear back from her to see. I’ll update as this saga continues to unfold.

Of course, given the fact that this is all for super fast 15Mbps broadband, I don’t expect you all to feel very sorry for me. 🙂 But I wanted to vent, anyway. Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “I’m Really Starting to Hate Verizon

  1. Ryan Wick says:

    That’s not encouraging. I’ve been waiting to see how FIOS turns out in the area, as are a few other Arsians. I’m out around CPR/Baseline. Hopefully you can get it resolved. I’m curious to know how much setup is needed to get it all up and running. Last I looked it required running Ethernet or something like that.

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  3. Ryan,

    I’ll be documenting/blogging the install process. From what I’ve been told, they need to physically dig a trench and bring fiber to your house, then install an Optical Network Terminal on the outside of your house to replace/supplement your existing phone box. From there, they run CAT5 to wherever your computer is.

    We’ll see how it goes.

  4. Jason says:


    Sorry to hear about your FIOS install… I hope you ended up getting it up and running because it is an amazingly fast connection.

    I guess I got lucky or you got unlucky because my experience was verystraight forward… in fact, the technician (Tony) they sent out was the most knowledgable and professional technician I’ve ever had.

    Installation took just over 4 hours and the tech even took some extra time to make sure my router was working with the new setup, which is something they don’t officially support… also stuck around to give me a tour of the portal and how to configure my email accounts etc…

    He also spent a lot of time dismantling our previous adelphia installation and maticulously put it all back together, neat as can be.

    All in all I’m extremely impressed with Verizon and the the service delivers… I’ve been downloading 1080p movie trailers from apple (100+ megs) in under 2 minutes and online gaming is as fast as being back on the T3 at UC Berkeley!

    So anyways, just thought I would share my experience and hope you got it all sorted out.


  5. Kelly says:

    Let me preface this by saying that I am very pleased with my phone and internet service provided by Verizon Fios. That being said, I am completely dissatisfied with their cable service. First they promised me services they cannot provide. It seems that no one has been properly trained on how the equipment works, one person will tell you a feature is available and the next will tell you it is not. No two people under their employ will give you the same answer.

    I wanted HDTV service in 3 rooms with a multi-room DVR so they can all access the same recorded programs, the representative processed the order as such and the technician installed it. As soon as I attempted to use the multi-room DVR I discovered it did not work. The same day as the extremely lengthy install, I spent an eternity on hold waiting to speak to a tech support representative, who informed me that the multi-room DVR will only work with standard set-top boxes, not with other HD boxes. So I decided to swap out the HD boxes for standard ones. The representative told me I would have to go to my local Verizon location (about 15 miles) and make the swap. I made the swap and upon hooking up the new receivers discovered that neither of them worked. I, once again, had to spend an extended amount of time on hold only to be told that they would have to send another tech to my home. The technician came out, replaced and programmed the receivers and apparently while doing so disabled one of my other receivers. I made the dreaded phone call to tech support who explained to me that the receiver in my possession (based on the ID number) was, according to their system, still in their inventory. Additionally he told me that I was still being billed (2 billing cycles) for the 2 additional HD receivers that I returned. He corrected the billing and said my next statement would reflect a credit and told me he would have to connect me to tech support to fix the receiver. Tech support was unable to correct the problem and said another location would have to handle it and that they would call me the following day. That evening alone, I spent 1 hour and 20 minutes on hold and on the phone with the representatives. The following day, I did get a phone call and finally it seemed all my receivers were working.

    Now let me briefly tell you all the things that are wrong with their DVR. The scheduled programs all cut off about 2 minutes short of the end, so I have been forced to extend the recording time. The pause button is nearly for show, 3 out of 5 times if you pause a program, when you attempt to resume it, it starts over from the beginning. The fast forward feature works very similarly. I fast forward and when I attempt to resume play, it starts the recording over. The DVR does not recognize that a particular episode/movie is already on the DVR and will record it over and over, so that you will find it taped the same exact thing three times. Pause, rewind and fast forward live TV only works in the room with the DVR. You can only program the DVR (delete, record, etc..) from the room with the DVR, cannot access these functions from satellite rooms. Actually it seems the remote TV’s that access the DVR don’t work particularly well at all. I previously had Dish Network satellite service with the multi-room DVR and all of these functions were available and worked perfectly. Additionally, one of the phone representatives told me, “it would be ideal, but this is not an ideal world”.

    Lastly, my bill has come in at nearly $300.00 two months in a row, when they told me the total amount for all of my services would be $210.00. Now even with the $60.00 credit that they are going to issue for the last 2 months of over-billing, it is still substantially higher than I was originally quoted. Unfortunately, in order to speak to billing you have to set aside an hour during the week between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm (the same hours that I work). It seems I have spent so many hours with their technicians and on the phone with their customer service that I should be on their payroll.

    Verizon has many kinks to work out with their cable service. They seem to have bitten off more than they can chew. I agreed to a 2 year contract and desperately hope that they can fix their many issues in a timely fashion. Finally, on a positive note, their HD picture is great, it’s just a shame I cannot enjoy it on all of my hi-def televisions.

  6. Crazy fios says:

    Fios is a great product if you get it in an area that this was put in first or what they would call greenfield. The other thing they don’t tell you is you have to have good wiring. cable companys can transmit a crappy signal over crappy cable. As for the ordering process it is slow and very horrible to wait through. My recomendation is call tech support and ask for a suppervisor. Most of the time you will be connected with someone who can help. I have a great one that always responds and I at first had a ton of issues then a suppervisor in California got all my TVs working with the best TV i have ever seen. The high def is perfect and the regular channels are very crisp. I highly recomend fighting it out due to the high speed and great picture. I have a 2 year old home and because the builder… larwin construction…. used the cheapest cable I had to recable. now I am super happy with choice and the pic is perfect. If you live in an older home make them run new cable… the router makes the most difference,,,

  7. Susi says:

    I love my verizon fios its the best service around..have u ever stopped to think…umm of course u need good wiring…secondly nothing good is free..the economy wanted more so verizon gave more how can you be upset when this is what everyone wanted?

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