Intel Blog Stats – 2003 through 2005

Brandon Bohling (check out his blog and his photoblog), the admin extraordinaire that keeps, our internal blogging site, up and running, has posted some statistics about blogging at Intel, and with his permission, I’d like to share them:

Posts & Comments

  • 2003: 506 posts and 178 comments
  • 2004: 1012 posts and 397 comments
  • 2005: 2738 posts and 2451 comments

If I was fancy, I’d make those into a pretty graph. But they still show some pretty good growth.

The Bloggers:

  • 962 total bloggers
  • 171 bloggers with only ONE post
  • 833 bloggers with less than FIVE posts
  • 7 bloggers with more than 100 posts (I’m one of them – I have 158 posts and 212 comments)

Brandon also lists the top 10 most viewed blog posts, which I won’t reprint here, but I was happy to see that two of them were mine (one on NTLM authentication in Firefox, and one on “how do you pronounce Viiv”).

No real point here, other than to share these stats with the world. It’s nice to see blogging starting to catch on inside Intel. I predict that the growth curve will continue – that is, it will if I have anything to say about it. 🙂


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