Intel Viiv is like Centrino for Home Theater

I’m seeing lots of post-CES blog posts (like Engadget’s Best of CES) that still don’t get what Intel’s “Viiv” platform is.

Think of it as Centrino for home entertainment PCs. That is, Centrino was a bundle of Intel components that make up a platform for laptop PCs. Viiv is the name of the bundle of components for home theater/entertainment PCs.

Oh, and Engadget has it wrong. Viiv is not Intel’s first attempt at marketing a platform – Centrino was. In fact, some would say that Centrino is what drove the major re-org and made Intel into a “platform company”.


3 thoughts on “Intel Viiv is like Centrino for Home Theater

  1. actually... says:

    I would disagree with you on both counts. Centrino was a chipset, but Viiv isn’t just about chips, it’s also a standard for protecting content so it can be moved around the home. That’s why it is truly a “platform” where Centrino was not.

  2. Centrino was not a chipset. It was the combination of the 855 chipset, the Pentium M processor, and the Intel 2200 wireless card. Remove any one of these three (for example, order a Dell laptop with the Dell wireless card instead of the Intel card), and it won’t be called Centrino, and won’t come with the little blue and magenta Centrino sticker. It is definitely a platform.

    As far as Viiv being able to “protect content as it moves around the home”, to me, that’s more a function of the software and OS rather than the hardware, though the hardware can make it easier. Bottom line, the “content protection” aspect of Viiv is marketspeak, IMO.

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