Intel’s New Logo

Well, I guess it’s OK for me to talk about this now. Intel is undertaking a major revamping of our brand, dropping mainstays such as “Intel Inside” and “Pentium” in favor of a new logo, and “Core” branding for CPUs (Core Solo for single core, Core Duo for dual core):

Intel. Leap ahead.™

“Leap Ahead” is the new tagline. Personally, I really, really like the new logo and branding. It was time for a change. I’m also excited about the fact that the new branding focuses on how “it’s not what we make, it’s what we make possible”. Sure, it sounds like cheesy marketing copy. And it is. But it’s true, and it’s powerful.

The site has already received the makeover, and expect to see a blitz of new commercials, etc., over the next little while.

So, what do you think of the new look?


5 thoughts on “Intel’s New Logo

  1. Flocito says:

    I think the new logo sucks and I felt that way when they did the internal release. Dell has a crooked E, GE is in cursive, Chevron has 3 colored chevrons, Intel has a dropped E. Why do they brag about brand recognition so much to us and then change the ONE thing that brand recognition relies on, the logo?

  2. Chuck says:

    I like it. Clean lines and I like the tag line attached to the new logo.

    I hope this new path Intel is undertaking will be as rewarding as when they first pursued the first Intel Inside campaign.

  3. I agree with Chuck. I think its much nicer, and cleaner, just like a tech company should have their logo. And i agree with Josh that the new tagline. I mean i still wouldn’t ever want it on a new PowerBook, but its much better than before. Kudos to Intel.

    So how long have you known about the new logo Josh?? =)

  4. I haven’t known about it very long. They showed it to employees a couple weeks ago, but then asked us not to talk about it, even internally, until it was announced to the world.

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