Migrating to the X41 Tablet PC

I’ve been spending today getting files, apps, etc. migrated over to my new X41 Tablet PC. I already had Firefox, Skype, etc., and today, I’m setting up my VPN, Office, and everything else while I’m in the office. I’m already loving the fact that the X41 is so much smaller and lighter than my 15″ T42p. I’m considering moving to a smaller bag, and “travelling light”, rather than keep lugging around the moderately loaded Kensington Saddlebag Pro I’ve been using.

On the software front, Steven Hughes of left some helpful tips in the comments to my previous post, with lots of apps to try. I’ve got many of them already, and I’ll be looking into others.

I was going to put Office 12 beta 1 on, but for some reason, the MS Beta site says that I’m not enrolled. I could swear I enrolled when the beta opened, using the invite code I got at PDC05, but I guess not. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to wait to get my hands on OneNote 12 and all its cool new features. That is, unless someone out there can invite me (back) into the beta. 🙂

Any other killer tablet apps out there that I should check out?


7 thoughts on “Migrating to the X41 Tablet PC

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  3. TabletCorry says:

    I too own an X41t and my best suggestions would be to

    A) Update everything on the tablet, it does not come with the most updated stuff
    B) Get Notebook Hardware Control as it can extend your battery life by about 45min and lower the temperature even more 🙂

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