My Bloglines is now in French?

Eh? This morning, I went to start checking my feeds in Bloglines, and the whole page is in French?

Por que?

I managed to stumble around the Preferences page long enough to find the language setting. It was set to Anglais. I applied the preferences, but everything is still in French.

Sacre bleu! What izz going on heer? 🙂

EDIT: Fixed now, back to English. No idea what happened.


4 thoughts on “My Bloglines is now in French?

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  2. Patricia says:

    I came to your site, Josh, to thank you for setting up I’d like to know if this comment gets posted en francais or anglais.

    Perhaps the fact that the preferences page is in french is a problem.

    But merci mille fois for

  3. My Bloglines changed to Spanish about a week ago. It took a few days, but eventually when I re-applied the setting for English it switched back.
    Good luck, or Learn French.

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