My Camera Came Back to Life

Remember how I had posted about my camera dying? Well, it came back to life. Let me explain…

I have two little Nikon digital cameras – an older Coolpix 3200, and my newer, slightly smaller 5600. That’s the one I carry everywhere with me in my cargo pants pocket – the 3200 stays at home, and is basically Rachel’s camera.

When my 5600 died, I started carrying the 3200 with me, until I replaced the 5600. The batteries in the 3200 needed changing (I use rechargeable AA “RadioShack IC-3” brand NiMH batteries – great 2200 MAh capacity, and they recharge in 15 minutes due to special circuitry in the battery itself). So, I swapped them with the pair that was in my (presumed dead) 5600.

The 3200 wouldn’t power on, or do anything. It was acting as dead as my 5600. Out of curiousity, I tried the 5600 with the batteries that had been in the 3200, and it powered on just fine. It wasn’t dead after all.

Now, before you start snickering, I DID swap a fresh pair of batteries into the 5600 when it died, to make sure that wasn’t the problem. What I’m suspecting at this point is that one of the 6 IC-3 batteries I have has something screwed up in its circuitry, or is just plain dead, and whatever camera had that battery in it was acting accordingly.

On the bright side, my trusty Coolpix 5600 is working again, and back on duty. The down side, of course, is that I had gotten all excited about replacing it with a sleek little Coolpix S3, and now I have no justification whatsoever to do that. 🙂

Maybe I can hold out long enough, until some decent cameras with WiFi are available. The current offerings from Nikon and Kodak just don’t meet all of my needs (size, open software, etc.). Of course, I stand my my statement that I’ll buy the first digital camera that allows me to upload photos directly to Flickr from the camera via WiFi.


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