No Fiber for Me Until Next Thursday 1/12

Just got a call back from Anna at Verizon. Apparently, they can’t get someone out to complete my fiber installation until next Thursday, 1/12. Bummer. She said they’ll be out to do the first part (pulling the fiber and installing the ONT) before then, then come and finish it (the part I need to be home for) Thursday morning.

I was hoping for sooner, but what can you do?

To Verizon’s credit, I have to say that the customer service I’ve gotten from Anna has been stellar, since I brought this whole mix up to their attention. She’s been great about calling me and keeping me up to date with what’s going on, and promised to call next Thursday to make sure everything was going OK. That means a lot. I still just can’t believe how incredibly messed up their system is, that it would allow this to happen in the first place.


2 thoughts on “No Fiber for Me Until Next Thursday 1/12

  1. Josh,

    Do they have a “refer a friend” program of any type? I’m thinking about jumping on – and if I can’t get you a free month 😉

    After you get the bugs worked out, of course …


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